These days, most millennials don’t know how to make money online because they’re so high and mighty on their cultural high horse; either that or they’re trust fund babies from a line of rich generations. I personally made my own bones twenty years ago, working part-time, shifting from job to job, and skimping every dime I could make. The internet changed everything, with it, now the potential and opportunity to make money are endless, and I’m going to tell you how, so stick around for more down below:



That’s right, you probably have heard someone on the internet mention Fiverr and what it can do, but for clarity’s sake, I’m going to go the extra mile with you. Basically, Fiverr is the website for gigs and how you can sell your skills to people who need them online. The platform gives you an edge on seeking potential clients to perform various tasks such as writing, designing, playing music, dancing, video editing, consultation, etc. These micro job offers or gigs pay decent, and unlike your traditional salary pay, the sky is the limit, my friends. You can work your way up to the moon and earn as much money as you can while you’re young.

Online Surveys

While you probably won’t have a career on this one, it can serve as your springboard to make a decent amount of money before you graduate and get a real job. Online surveys are quick and easy to complete, which makes them the perfect way for a student to earn extra pocket change. But because of how effortless the job is, the demand for the vacancy goes through the roof; that’s why you need to find a good company that pays in cash rather than free products or gift cards. 

Game or Application Tester

You can be a game or application tester for a tech company that’s preparing to launch something to the market. Typically, what they require from you is your experience and honest insight on how they can improve their products and services; for example, a company wants to launch a game, they will hire several testers first to make sure the game is well received before releasing it for public consumption, and your job is to test everything in the game which should take about 20 to 30 minutes of your time to finish.

Online Shop

Online Shop

This might be the craze with today’s millennials because it’s easy and lucrative. E-commerce is the name of the game, and it has defined the decade as consumerism and capitalism increase in both market capacity and shares. As you would expect, social media like Instagram and Facebook have made people vying against each other to entice the community and go viral. People talk about what they wear, what new hairdo or nails to follow, and many more fashion trends that scream money for online shop owners. This is why you should hop on the trend and sell whatever’s hot in the market right now if you want to make a quick buck.…

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It is common to run low on cash. You can find yourself in an emergency, and you need cash urgently. That happens to a lot of people across the world. That explains how cash advances have become popular and useful recently. They help many people get quick cash for emergencies. However, a lot of people do not understand how payday loans work, nor are they comfortable applying for payday loans. Also, they do not realize how easy and quick the application process can be. The following tips can help you take advantage of the process and secure affordable payday loans.

Borrow What You Can Afford

A lot of people borrow more money than they need. You should note that if you get a loan that is more than what you need, you will be paying the interest on the extra money. It can appear like a good idea at the time, but higher interest rates mean that this can hurt you in the long-term.

Do Your Research

You need to carry out extensive research and compare different payday loan lenders in your area. This will save you a lot of headaches and money down the road. Also, it can help you understand how these loans work and why they are beneficial. You should note that there are online companies that you can compare. In fact, the internet makes things easy as you only take a few minutes to ensure you are getting the right deal. Some lenders offer cash in an instant. Do not settle for the first one you find. It is a good idea to contrast and compare.

Ask About Renewals

You should find out whether the lender will automatically renew if you do not pay it back. In fact, some lenders charge steep fees when you are late repaying the loan. Therefore, ensure you read the fine print. In some cases, renewals are known as rollovers.


It is a good idea to deal with a lender who operates in your area. For instance, if a company is operating from overseas, you may find yourself in a problem. That is the case for some companies that operate online.

Credit Checks

It would help if you found out whether there are credit checks when you apply for a payday loan. Some lenders do checks while others do not. Even for companies that check does not mean they will deny you a loan.…

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In this digital era, establishing a business has become easier than ever. The technology development has made its way to the financial industry. Artificial Intelligence (AI), cloud computing, and big data analysis have all turned marketing and accounting into something that was not possible to imagine a decade ago. However, relying on the tech alone will not guarantee that your company can become an efficient profit machine.

In this article, we will explore further about finance tips and tricks that integrate both technology and old-school finance savvy. Our goal is to enlighten you with practical ideas that you can directly apply after you read them.

Utilizing the POS (Point of Sale System)

finance softwarePoint of Sale System is an integrated network system that allows you to monitor your inventory levels in almost a real time. This system is a necessity if your business is a manufacturing or retail company because inventory management is supposed to be your basis to take any sales decision.

The three common features of a POS system are accounting modules, general ledgers, account receivables, account payables, purchases, and inventory control. Integrating your business with POS will make the task of case-flow monitoring fast, precise, and reliable.

Protecting Your Assets with Insurance

Your most valuable assets are the things that you use to produce your products/service. If you work in the web development industry, then your computers and internet access are your two most valuable assets. The most common mistake in that scenario is that many business owners take their equipment for granted and omit the urgency of having insurance. Consequently, once there is an unpredictable misfortune occurs, the loss will be devastating to the business. In your case, you must not commit the same mistake. “If anything can go wrong, it will,” this Murphy’s Law must be on your mind so that you are always prepared to face a crisis.

Paying Attention to Your Tax Deductions

a calculator and a reportThe moment you establish your startup, you need to learn about the taxation of your business carefully because any mistakes in your tax report can lead to penalty fees. However, there is also another aspect of taxation that is meant to stimulate companies to perform better in their business.

First, the startup cost tax deduction applies to companies that require investments of around $50,000 to $55,0000. It will grant you a deduction of $5000 by the first year of your company’s operational time. Second,research and development tax credits is a tax deduction that is designed to encourage startups to invest in their research and development. Third, professional fees deduction allows you to get deductions on your company’s expenses for hiring a financial consultant, lawyer, engineer, or other experts that are relevant to your field.

Integrating Your HR with a Recruiting Software

Recruiting software is an HR miracle. It will enable you to calculate the qualification of your applicants accurately and free from bias so that your company can hire only the best workers. Job aggregators, cognitive computing, and applicant tracking are three essential tasks that your HR division can perform with the help of technology. For example, Indeed and Google for Jobs are the two best sources of external hires because of their abundant database of applicants.…

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Life as a student requires you to always be on your toes. This is also to say that you should be in a good position to weigh options as they come. The financial bit of this statement could not be more accurate. Things get tough at some point and you are left with no option but to solicit for loans that are flexible. Most working class citizens that have been through student loans can attest to how stressful it can get especially when you are not fully prepared. If you are venturing into it for the very first time, you will need guidance on how to go about it.


Get in touch with all the right sources

Your sources will either make you or break you. As a college student, you have finally become independent, and it is about that time you stood up on your own feet. If it means taking loans then so be it. However, you need a professional advisor to see you through the whole process. This is one way of preventing you from biting a larger chunk than you can swallow. A loans advisor provides some regulations that should help you limit your expenditure. It is then up to you to practice integrity when it comes to taking the advice given to you. Your ideal student loan advisor should have acquired a massive wealth of experience over the years. At least you are assured of treading on the right path financially.

Calculate your moves wisely

MONEYThere is a reason most advisors advise strongly on the need for calculators at this stage. We are not talking ordinary calculators but those that will help you plan your moves articulately. The best way to do this is by tracking down the most elite advisors of our time. They have all the hacks needed to get you on the right platforms. This entails learning all the necessary facts about the loans you are about to settle for. Student loans also require you to take time for strong consideration lest you make a move that will make the rest of your college life unbearable. The decisions you make on loans will increase your chances of a better stay.

Too early to get into debt

Since you are still a student and are still trying to figure out your life, piling up debt in loans is not a proper start. Instead, you will only be digging up your own grave from which it might be a bit too hard to come out of. Besides your student loans advisor, get other sources that will be of benefit to you. This includes reading books that are related to your current situation. You can also make the internet your partner. You will be surprised at all the answers you get that you probably never knew of in the first place. We all know how impossible it is to get through college without getting involved with loans. Nonetheless, this should not deter us from getting our projects accomplished through loans.…

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It is easy to be overwhelmed, confused and lost as a newbie in the world of forex trading. There is a lot of information that you have to take into account and decisions to make, which may not be quite easy for a beginner. Making the wrong moves may also result in great loses, which should be avoided at all costs. Below are a few tips that have been compiled to help you get through the beginning stages of forex trading successfully.

Tips to use in forex trading

Start by learning the basics

Anxiety and eagerness to make money may cause you to rush into trading even without having proper knowledge of how it works. You should instead take your time to learn about the markets that you intend to trade in and everything else related to it. Trading currency requires you to build a strong foundation of knowledge to enable you to make the right choices and decisions as you progress. It is only after you have learned about all the jargon and other basics that you should consider choosing a trading strategy and diving into the market.

Choose your trading strategy wisely

Choosing a strategy should be done with many considerations taken into account. For example, you need to consider your personality in terms of how it influences your decision-making. Once you have chosen a trading strategy, you should invest your time to learn and master it, as it will be your main weapon for trading. Experts recommend that once you have chosen a strategy, you should stick with it. Changing strategies too often will only result in losses for you. Stick to your strategies even if you have had some losing trades. There is no specific strategy which can give a guarantee of no loses to everyone.

Maintain sound mental health

Maintain sound mental healthAs mentioned earlier, it is very easy to get overwhelmed with the trading strategies and all the information that you have to process continuously. Do not let all that get to your head. This is because it will influence your decision-making, which may result in losses for you. Find effective stress relieving techniques that will ensure you do not shift focus or slack in anything. Working with a mentor may also be a good idea.

Limit your trades

For beginners, it is advisable that you do not trade a lot. You should aim at trading slow but steadily. High-frequency trading will likely result in you making wrong decisions based on emotions, which will result in loses.…

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Managing credit is like trying to lift a hefty weight in the gym without having a spotter whether you can accomplish to handle it or not. If you have bad credit, it is worth noting that you are not alone and some valuable tips and tricks will help you bounce back in small steps. Hopefully, one of them will work for you and turn the tables around.


Inform lender during financial difficulties

Writing to your creditors can help in erasing debt or reducing the number of your monthly settlements. Get straight to the point when addressing your lenders to explain to them why you are not repaying as earlier agreed. This strategy has helped in getting outstanding balances cleared or reduced in some cases.

Join debt management program


Just for a negligible fee, you can become a member of a debt management program that will help you to consolidate your debts into a single debit payment from your account each month. In most cases, a good debt management policy will help in reducing your credit balances or interest rates.

Consider financial counseling program

Getting into an online or face to face financial counseling program will help you to analyze and correct financial difficulties correctly. And that is not all. Getting into a business counseling program will help you create a realistic budget and implement new money management skills that will help you in your daily life.

Look for part-time work or pick up odd jobs

Doing odd jobs and part-time jobs will increase your income significantly and help you get a leg up financially. With so many alternatives to pick from, you will be spoilt for choice. For instance, you can choose to work at a local store or as a virtual assistant to get some extra income.

Get rid of unwanted stuff

You can rake in some extra money by selling your unwanted stuff online. So check around your home and get rid of things like clothes that you have not put on for years or the furniture your baby no longer uses. There are many sites online that can facilitate the smooth selling of the items. All you need is to take their pictures and upload them to the places along with your asking price and let the bidding wars begin.

Become a co-borrower on a loan

Once you are included as a co-borrower together with someone that has and keeps proper credit, you can improve your confidence too. Since co-borrowers have a reliable payment history, they will help you strengthen yours without much struggle. If you have a member of your family that has a stronger credit than the others you can request them to help you enhance yours.

Avoid unnecessary spending

Avoid unnecessary spendingIf you wish to avoid overspending then you can skip coffee in the morning, pack lunch instead of going out to expensive restaurants and buy supplies in bulk. Furthermore, you can do your veggie garden, laundry, cleaning and other tasks to reduce unnecessary spending.

If you have poor credit, then the hints as mentioned above will help you to retake control of your finances.…

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With an excellent credit history, you can qualify for personal loans. Thus, you can expect a swift processing of same. Remember that these are all-purpose loans which can be availed as unsecured fast cash loans or secured loans. They can be used for various reasons, and the purpose of the loan does not need to be disclosed to the lenders. Remember that the interest of your loan is dependent on the credit and tenure of the score of a borrower. The following are some situations you can utilize a personal loan:

Immediate cash needs

cash moneyIt is a good idea to use short-term loans to do away with the shortage of funds. You are free to use the money to support sudden cash emergencies such as home repair, medical expenses, funding your foreign trip, or even home repair. The reason for seeking the loan does not affect its interest rates. Things that are likely to affect the interest rate are the duration of the loan and income. Thus, you should have a good backup plan for repaying your loan. When you repay your loan, you can greatly improve the credit score and improve your future worth.

Avoid bad credit situation

If you have lost your job or faced a sudden surge of your expenses like a wedding or other important things in your life, you can take a personal loan. Always avoid a bad credit situation. When you have a shortage of funds, instead of missing loan repayments, you should seek some funds. In this case, you need to ensure that your score does not fall for any financial challenges you are likely to encounter.

Consolidate several payments

If you have several multiple payments which you need to make on a monthly basis, you can simplify the process by consolidating your loan into a single one. When you pay the loan, you should pay a single repayment, and that settles other loans.

Business funding

business loanEach start-up or a business enterprise requires positive inflows. It can help maintain a good supply of funds and maintain sound terms with the business associates and suppliers. Short-term personal loans are great to be used as business loans and keep the flexibility of the operations of the business.

Additional funding for the students

When you are a student, you may find it difficult to monitor your expenses. Also, you may need money to pay your school fees.…

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