These days, most millennials don’t know how to make money online because they’re so high and mighty on their cultural high horse; either that or they’re trust fund babies from a line of rich generations. I personally made my own bones twenty years ago, working part-time, shifting from job to job, and skimping every dime I could make. The internet changed everything, with it, now the potential and opportunity to make money are endless, and I’m going to tell you how, so stick around for more down below:



That’s right, you probably have heard someone on the internet mention Fiverr and what it can do, but for clarity’s sake, I’m going to go the extra mile with you. Basically, Fiverr is the website for gigs and how you can sell your skills to people who need them online. The platform gives you an edge on seeking potential clients to perform various tasks such as writing, designing, playing music, dancing, video editing, consultation, etc. These micro job offers or gigs pay decent, and unlike your traditional salary pay, the sky is the limit, my friends. You can work your way up to the moon and earn as much money as you can while you’re young.

Online Surveys

While you probably won’t have a career on this one, it can serve as your springboard to make a decent amount of money before you graduate and get a real job. Online surveys are quick and easy to complete, which makes them the perfect way for a student to earn extra pocket change. But because of how effortless the job is, the demand for the vacancy goes through the roof; that’s why you need to find a good company that pays in cash rather than free products or gift cards. 

Game or Application Tester

You can be a game or application tester for a tech company that’s preparing to launch something to the market. Typically, what they require from you is your experience and honest insight on how they can improve their products and services; for example, a company wants to launch a game, they will hire several testers first to make sure the game is well received before releasing it for public consumption, and your job is to test everything in the game which should take about 20 to 30 minutes of your time to finish.

Online Shop

Online Shop

This might be the craze with today’s millennials because it’s easy and lucrative. E-commerce is the name of the game, and it has defined the decade as consumerism and capitalism increase in both market capacity and shares. As you would expect, social media like Instagram and Facebook have made people vying against each other to entice the community and go viral. People talk about what they wear, what new hairdo or nails to follow, and many more fashion trends that scream money for online shop owners. This is why you should hop on the trend and sell whatever’s hot in the market right now if you want to make a quick buck.

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