US Visas

Travelers requiring a United States Visa to attend the conference will need supporting documentation. If you need such documentation, please contact Irene Frawley, at the Association for Computing Machinery. The conference organizers are prohibited from providing this documentation, so please do not contact us for this information.

Please be advised that nationals from some countries, especially the People’s Republic of China, have been experiencing delays of 3+ months in obtaining a visa for travel to conferences. If you need to apply for a visa, we recommend doing so by early May.

We reserve the right to request full payment of all registration fees prior to producing supporting documentation for visa requests. Such payment is refundable in full if the visa request is rejected, so long as the visa request was non-fraudulent (e.g., assuming that false credentials were not used in the pursuit of the visa request).

If your travel to the conference depends on successful submission of a short paper or a workshop paper, please inform the General Chair, Jim Whitehead, and we will do our best to provide you with preliminary feedback on whether the submission is likely to be accepted. Note that such feedback is non-binding, and hence a preliminary finding of “likely accept” does not rule out a “reject” outcome, though obviously we wish to avoid such a circumstance.